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one time in broadway’s lion king the actor playing simba was sick and so were his understudies so they literally called the lead in aida a few blocks away who played simba to come and fill in even though he hadnt played simba in YEARS and he did and the audience never knew and theatre is incredible

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Apparently this happened at last night’s performance of If/Then….

To raise money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS, one of the items auctioned off after the curtain call was a chance to get up on stage and sing "Seasons of Love" with the cast!

Thank you to for posting this and even more to YouTube user Carmel Dean (If/Then’s Conductor) for capturing this moment on video.

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Ladies and Gents:The cast (and not only) from the Sweeney Todd Show at the After Party of theirs.

Emma Thompson definitely knows how to party…

Thought this was a rock concert.

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Can we talk about Jesus Christ Superstar?

With JC Chasez and Michelle Williams?

I don’t know how to love him feel about this.

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a musical by michael kunze and sylvester levay

rebecca, wo du auch immer bist,
dein herz bleibt ruhlos wie die wilde, freie see
wenn der abend beginnt singt der wind:
rebecca, komm heim, rebecca
aus dem nebelreich zurück nach manderley

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Spring Awakening - 2005 Lincoln Center Production song list [x

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